I Game Attitude and You – Celebrate life

Find occasions to celebrate throughout the year. There is more to celebrate than anniversaries and birthdays.  Celebrate your differences. Celebrate your infinite potential. Of course your teen’s graduation is memorable with sentiments from friends and family: the warmth, joy and excitement of family celebrations bring you closer to each other. A happy family around a Christmas tree is a gift in itself and any Christmas celebration brings back delightful and sometimes painful memories of all your family Christmases. Continue reading

Who am I? Where am I heading? Where will this wandering take me?

“Who am I? Where am I heading? Where will this wandering take me?” Your life was unfolding nicely when suddenly a gut feeling began to disturb you. It grew heavier by the hour and now has become overwhelming. The gnawing pain weighs on your stomach. “Was it the food I ate? Maybe the bad weather, the disturbing neighbor?” Then your discomfort subsides. Your stomach feels a little better. You realize there is nothing wrong with the food you ate, the weather or the neighbor. But you notice that deep down the discomfort is still there. Something bottled up in you wants to come out. Continue reading