You and living with pleasure


“When your eyes see what your mind sees, when your skin feels what your mind feels, there is coherence between your sensory perception and the mental. When what you feel, what you say, what you think and what you do is in harmony, then you know that you live your life fully. Continue reading

You and working in partnership

” Your Daddy polarity is a polarity of Openness to others. Through this polarity you have an ability to validate yourself and others, to be visible, to build reciprocal support. Take an active role in boosting your validating and communicating skills to create durable relationships…” Continue reading

You, your dream and the world

” The pursuit of a dream that is in line with the evolution of the world enhances the quality of your product. It is essential to innovate. Your dream is the child in you that comes out in front of the person or the situation you are most comfortable with. Learn to welcome and validate yourself ! ” Continue reading