Get back your sensitivity with your own nature

Christiane Lavanoux, Prony

Big data banks are nothing new. In the era of significant volumes of data, the careful approaches to observing consumer behavior have changed very little. What is new is our ability to access information and assimilate desired ways of being. In terms of marketing, this increased access to data primarily offers key insights to advertisers. It thus generates a greater relevance in marketing operations by taking into account facilitated information about customers and prospects. The campaigns are targeted and customized for guaranteed results.
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Transversality and global vision

Christiane Lavanoux, objectif, goal
The principle of transversality affirms the need for a global vision. Institutions should be able to deal with both the diversity of situations and the unity of problems, aggregating local problems to form a comprehensive vision, inscribing everyday action in a global, long-term perspective. Continue reading