You and Art

Christiane Lavanoux & creative art according to IGA
All creative art cannot be reduced to flatly describe the world in which you live, to make it a faithful photograph, a flawless double. It would be incomplete, since the image of the world would only reflect a frozen quadrant of its reality. It would be a kind of basic language, without flavor, a pale imitation of life.
Creative art’s role is to nurture life in its slightest gestations, first for the fun of creating itself, but also to propel your look further, to boost life impulses and desires in their creative and inventive genius . To create is to set in motion and give rise to constantly renewed possibilities . And when this powerful implementation, this inventiveness and wealth are deployed around the idea of meaning, of the human being and the world, then creative art has produced ​​a masterpiece.

- Christiane Lavanoux, THE I GAME

Translation:  Mary Margaret White-Levilain, Guy Levilain
Resource-person in the US for IGA: Mary Margaret White-Levilain
Photo: Guilhem Tinel

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The French e-book ” LE JEU DU JE ” is also available on the iBookstore



4 thoughts on “You and Art

  1. Physical-self is just the surface
    Mind has got depths in desires
    Brain provides the fuel to cook
    Heart bears out determination
    When the heart and the mind
    are in unison;Soul pours out
    the Divine Intuition,listen in !!
    My Best Wishes for the success
    of your books,Christiane Lavanoux!

    • Devinder your creative art has words for colors. Entwined with music your words speak to the heart and touch our soul.
      Thank you for your success wish, anyway this experience will be more than an exciting trip into the vast unknown ;-)
      And yes, I agree with you, Art is form and content.

  2. A blog post that is a work of art expanding in beauty and bounty with each new interaction. Loving to read your creative thoughts and words here Devinder. It is always uplifting and energizing to collaborate with this creative and powerful I Game Attitude team. ¸.•´.•´¨) ¸.•¨)
    (¸.•´(¸.•´ (¸.•* *•♪♫•*¨* Shine on MM

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