You and digital technologies

Christiane Lavanoux & iPad AppleDigital technologies are an asset when it comes to attractivity. Social networks are built around the idea of sharing information, personal news, photos, videos, hence they stimulate the notions of discovery and engagement. The challenge? Have a subject experienced outside its usual context in an unmatched proximity. That of a click. Associate technology, humans and a message through interfaces, networks and sensors. Allow a flexible appropriation of the message.

Again, no competition between the virtual and the real. Have the two worlds involved rather than opposed. Once again, the superiority or inferiority of both is only real geographically. It is closely related to celestial symbolism for one and to terrestrial symbolism for the other.

Thus was born this digital guide to non-conflictual language and for all human beings to understand how they function. In the 3rd millennium, it is smarter to speak about human polarities rather than using confusing vocabulary. Hence the words women, men will be avoided as well as any reference to the color of the skin… Decode, decrypt. Learn to live better. Discover the desire to create yourself outside traditional and preset settings.

- Christiane Lavanoux, THE I GAME

Translation:  Mary Margaret White-Levilain, Guy Levilain
Resource-person in the US for IGA: Mary Margaret White-Levilain
Photo: Guilhem Tinel

The English e-book ” THE I GAME ” is available on the iBookstore
The French e-book ” LE JEU DU JE ” is also available on the iBookstore
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4 thoughts on “You and digital technologies

  1. Getting beyond the conflictual language – the polarizing language that hides from us our own human potential and involving our full self in the development of personal and interpersonal relationships, the virtual as well as the real world – is a sure key to expansion. Congratulations on the digital guide The I Game now available on the iBookstore!

  2. First, thank you Mary Margaret for cooperating upstream and downstream on this digital guide too!
    Below the surface of words, unconscious messages trap us and we then find ourselves tangled in their net of complexity.
    Inner individual conflicts arise then and furthermore when outer conflicts threaten regional order and international stability, it’s good to know that using non-conflictual language offers the prospect of escaping the dilemmas of intractability while leading to an expanding comprehension of who we are and who we can keep on becoming.

  3. It is a daily practice to internalize this attitude, language, deciding and action process and path so as to gain a solid anchorage in who I am and who I am becoming as a human being, autonomous yet interconnected with a community and world filled with paradox and promise. I love my digital guide and I love the story of how it came to be. Although I know many were a part of the process, special gratitudes to you and Guilhem for bringing The I Game From Emergence to Maturity a Four-Directional Path to iBook in English. We joyfully anticipate the expansion across other platforms including a hardcopy format.

    • Thank you for your feedback Mary Margaret!
      Carrying out this digital project will consolidate IGA’s mission to be an international centre of excellence for video game development and digital design with a purpose! :D

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