You, chaos and happiness

Christiane Lavanoux & The 4 Polarities of The I GameHappiness is fragile, it frightens. It is associated with a form of inconsistency with creative inspiration and does not always sit well with artists. This is because suffering and torment give rise to chaos, a brewing place for creative forces. Would happy people be boring and unproductive?
Would misfortune be the only source of inspiration?  Well looking at it more closely, it is interesting to note that the “Father-Daddy” human from the celestial polarities and rather open, has a wide predisposition to happiness from his/her strong taste for anticipation, vision and meaning. Conversely, the “Mother-Mommy” human from the Earth polarities and more closed, has a strong inclination to the present moment in its sensory aspect hence his/her ability to feel in his/her body, to breathe away from the mold and give birth from the liberating chaos, to the work of art. Strangely enough, it is through sharing  his/her work and opening the world to exchange that the “Mother-Mommy” human being  expanding into “Father-Daddy” accesses happiness.

- Christiane Lavanoux, THE I GAME

Father (yellow quadrant), Daddy (green quadrant)
Mother (red quadrant), Mommy (mauve/purple quadrant)
Complete human being: all 4 quadrants, 4/4 = 1 (unity)

Translation:  Mary Margaret White-Levilain, Guy Levilain
Resource-person in the US for IGA: Mary Margaret White-Levilain

Illustration: Aline Mori
Print: Photex
Photo: Guilhem Tinel

The English e-book ” THE I GAME ” is available on the iBookstore
The French e-book ” LE JEU DU JE ” is also available on the iBookstore
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2 thoughts on “You, chaos and happiness

  1. Art, both in its visual and oral/aural tradition like all human action and interaction is best expressed from the inside out. It is both validating and liberating to express oneself authentically, breathing away from the mold as you say, so as to shine in the light of an expanded vision from which to birth ones creation. Could this be why “The Caged Bird Sings”? Thank you for sharing your creative openness and your game Christiane•* *•♪♫•*

    • Indeed Mary Margaret, strength of character and a love of literature, or Art simply, can help overcome trauma.

      African-American writer and poet Maya Angelou who feels that “We are more alike than unalike” transforms from a victim of racism into a great voice of contemporary literature.

      Thank you for passing by Mary Margaret and for sharing some of your fine words over the human condition.


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