Woman. Man. Confusion around a term

Christiane Lavanoux, the wallViolence against women means all individual or collective violent behavior based solely on a question of gender.

But being a woman or being a man is to be a human being with an animal strength and mental strength (our male side) and also an ability to enter into a relationship with oneself and with Other (our feminine side) .

If our male and female sides are unevenly developed, we will have a predisposition to violence, either retracted or extended and its multiple expressions can range from closed and strict laws, to backward rites and practices up to the unspeakable excesses.

It subtly begins inside us, oppressing our needs. Not being able to take care of our needs inevitably leads to our inability to welcome those of the Other. In relation to the Other, parity can not then exist and along with this comes the downward spiral of sacrifice and discrimination.

Various conclusions follow : violence may be initiated by a woman or a man, this violence can range from trivial matters to the point of no return both internally and externally for the victim and the torturer. Being aware of this can help get rid of the guilt for the victim and to readjust the internal balance in one as in the Other. Acting inside and outside, downstream and upstream allows evolution.

- Christiane Lavanoux, The I Game

Translation:  Mary Margaret White-Levilain, Guy Levilain
Resource-person in the US for IGA: Mary Margaret White-Levilain
Photo : JLB

The English e-book ” THE I GAME ” is available on the iBookstore

The French e-book ” LE JEU DU JE ” is also available on the iBookstore

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2 thoughts on “Woman. Man. Confusion around a term

  1. May this post be an ah hah moment for those who feel vulnerable, disrespected or victimized. This is what today’s “feminists” speak of as “feminism”. It is just we don’t yet have the language and therefore the 4 faceted set of lenses to understand and develop in a balanced fashion. When we see clearly the power and love within each of us, the strength and creativity, the healing begins one human being, one community at a time.

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