Are you a gift for yourself ?

Christiane Lavanoux, Flowers - copieHow do you welcome yourself in your privacy ? Do you have an infinite indulgence to yourself ? Do you fully welcome yourself in the whole range of your emotions ? Do you enjoy going through all of them at your own pace ? Are you this creamy smooth sweet, this fudge, this exquisite treat for yourself ?

How do you talk about yourself ? Are you proud of the person you are? Do you give yourself as much as you give others ? Are you your ideal partner ? Your best ally ? Do you cooperate with yourself ? Do you grow in yourself what you look for in others ?

What message do you play ? What values are reflected through you ? Are you aware of your unique talent ? Do you create innovative ways towards a well-defined goal? Do you enrich your human potential every step you take ?

Do you express your unique talent ? What do you do for yourself ? What do you put in place specifically for yourself ? Do you set yourself milestones ? Do you celebrate each threshold that is reached ? Are you a gift for yourself ?

- Christiane Lavanoux, The I Game

Translation:  Mary Margaret White-Levilain, Guy Levilain
Resource-person in the US for IGA: Mary Margaret White-Levilain
Photo : JLB

The English e-book ” THE I GAME ” is available on the iBookstore

The French e-book ” LE JEU DU JE ” is also available on the iBookstore

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