” Are you dreaming of exploring beyond the beaten paths? Of a breathtaking view? Of a powerful yet generous challenge? Of a different personal, professional, public and social life? Of reaching new heights, new growths and new meanings? Yet a life not made of hallow words written on moving sands. The world keeps mutating and You are it. “


IGA Conference, Noumea Le Méridien Hotel, 2012

The I Game, a conference by Christiane LAVANOUX at Le Méridien Hotel, Noumea, New-Caledonia, June 2012
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” Our Daddy polarity is a polarity of Openness to Other.
The Daddy validates each of his children in their uniqueness. From this polarity you get a feeling of confidence, an inclination to feel equal to Any One and an ability to focus on global goals and nurture worldwide plans… ”