Christiane Lavanoux
Coach, Coach trainer
CEO of I Game Attitude LLC New Caledonia

Phone number : +687 819 812

SARL IGA - I GAME ATTITUDE, Organisme de Formation.


Inviting you to expand your solving power and to increase your capital x 4:
emotionally, socially, mentally, physically

Company Description

I Game Attitude LLC, an ethical business based in Noumea, New Caledonia, illustrating that business can also reconcile vision, profit, individual development and community expansion.


I Game Attitude LLC, Noumea, New Caledonia. Life Coaching, training, professional and personal coaching dedicated to individuals, companies, communities and institutions, in New Caledonia or abroad. The design, production, publishing and sale of all teaching materials, game or books related to the concept of the I Game ( Le Jeu du JE ) in New Caledonia or abroad.

The I Game

To explore your skills and create your dream life while fostering social progress

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Christiane Lavanoux, Life Coach, New Caledonia, +687 819 812
CEO of I Game Attitude LLC, Noumea, New Caledonia

Resource-Person in the US for IGA :
Mary Margaret White-Levilain, Life Coach, USA, 320-266-5614

General Information

The e-book “THE I GAME” (2013 English version) is available on the iBookstore

The book  » LE JEU DU JE  » ( 2012 French version ) is sold in Noumea.
Its price : 2900 XPF

Call  +687 819 812 to order 819 812 or send an email

To order the French book and pay with PayPal, click here