You and digital technologies

Christiane Lavanoux & iPad AppleDigital technologies are an asset when it comes to attractivity. Social networks are built around the idea of sharing information, personal news, photos, videos, hence they stimulate the notions of discovery and engagement. The challenge? Have a subject experienced outside its usual context in an unmatched proximity. That of a click. Associate technology, humans and a message through interfaces, networks and sensors. Allow a flexible appropriation of the message. Continue reading

You and Profit

IGA and profitTo consider a situation in its entirety, is, for example, to take into account the ethical value of a service or a product, be it yours or somebody else’s, as well as its legitimate commercial value… It is to consider profit, and get rid of unnecessary guilt about an alleged immoderate desire for riches. To add visibility to a service or a product is not necessarily to act out of greed, it is also to show self-confidence, a sense of sharing and of parity. Continue reading