Woman. Man. Confusion around a term

Christiane Lavanoux, the wallViolence against women means all individual or collective violent behavior based solely on a question of gender.

But being a woman or being a man is to be a human being with an animal strength and mental strength (our male side) and also an ability to enter into a relationship with oneself and with Other (our feminine side) . Continue reading

You and anger

Christiane Lavanoux & The I GameInjustice revolts you. The ensuing anger mobilizes your body as a whole. It triggers in you an irresistible urge to act. It prepares you for the attack. To welcome it in you enables you to take its full measure. To put it into words identifies the unmet need. To take full responsibility for your feeling breaks the cycle of victimization and allows you to pose a repairing act. It may be to express your feelings directly to the person concerned, to ask for a clear request or to apply a personal decision that re-directs your life. Continue reading